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Add Code With Me, a JetBrains plugin.
added file for testing internal / external links
added links
added link to want-to-vs-have-to
added page anchors and removed clumsy headers
using a instead of div
change html markup
change html markup
change html markup
change html markup
link test
Corrected typos
workshop optionsand links to tools
Added an online timer
gitweb would be nice
Added more links that more people sent me
Added assorted links people have sent me
Added links for pair programming and mob programming tools
Added a note regarding shared calendars
More issue trackers
Added links for issue tracking tools
Added links to collaborative drawing and diagramming tools
Added links to collaborative whiteboarding tools
Added explanatory note under retrospective tools
Added links to remote retrospective tools
Added entries for shared calendars
Added headings for additional types of collaboration tools to fill in later
Added links for file sharing, cloud storage & sync, cloud backup tools
Corrected typo
Added links to collaborative document editing tools
Added Slack
Added some chat/messaging tools
Created page with some links to videoconferencing tools
Changed name of Products page to Tools for Remote Collaboration
Prefer lowercase, snake_case, .md suffix
link to builtin copy of formatting
note this bug that recurs
hmmm, user page creation adds trailing dots
bye bye Meta
update for rename of meta/ to wiki__95__feature__95__requests.mdwn
rename meta/ to wiki__95__feature__95__requests.mdwn
highlight Slack as an easy first step
better enough
extract Wiki basics
fix typo
step 1 of extract
another one
get rid of one Meta
move Products to "some topics"
second half of extract Products page
first half of extracting products
let's welcome people who come here
updated page
updated link
Merge branch 'master' of
fleshed out new page
added page for remote friendly employers
added self-esteem and resilience recommended readings
added page for remote (full-day) workshops
A few words about coffee
haven't used Hangouts in way too long
Revert "Attempt a less verbose RecentChanges for Slack"
This reverts commit a4f94e1e205a9ad8a399e069f0813a636c359320.
don't remember anything about ancient Linux TeamViewer
Attempt a less verbose RecentChanges for Slack
update links
Add a favicon
Fix broken links from recent move
Reduce duplication
Move meta/who to users. Add handy postform.
Prefer .md to .mdwn
fixed link