Do not drip feed!

With asynchronous communication it's important to give enough context and information. Here's an example of what I call drip feeding:

A: "Did you read the document I needed your feedback on?"

B: "Yes"

A: "What do you think about it?"

B: "You have made a typo in the second sentence."

A: "Anything else?"

B: "You could say 'they' instead of 'she'"

A: "Anything about the structure?"

B: "The structure is good apart from it maybe needing a clear requirements section"

A: "Was that all?"

B: "Yes"

In face to face, such conversation is more ok because both people are present and nudging easy (though maybe frustrating). On asynchronous medium, each nudge needed can mean hours of delay. Here B could have delivered all their feedback in the first response, especially as this was a topic where their feedback was explicitly asked for. So, when in async, if you have information you can give that can help, consider giving it. It just might save your coworker an hour of waiting.