What is your standup for?

As with in person standups, with remote standups it's very important to understand how that meeting serves the people. It is extremely helpful to talk about expectations and ground rules upfront with the whole team.

Taking an in-person standup to be remote

If you are already having smooth and useful in-person standups, you can do some things to help those characteristics stay when the standup turns remote. Do you use gestures to help people stay to track? Even if not, you might use your body language for that. Especially if the remote standup will take place without video, those gestures need to get translated to the medium you will have. Verbal cues work better than visual ones even when video is available, as people talking do not always look at their team mates. I have used short phrases just as "Can you discuss it after?" and "Coffee talk" rather successfully, but you have to take the culture and the team into consideration and adjust if necessarily.