Stacey Vetzal

If you see a post here that you don't agree with, please engage me! My strong opinions are loosely held, let's talk about it!

So, I've been hanging around the web for a while. These days I'm an Agile Technical Practices Coach for hire. For 14 years I've run a software consultancy called Mojility Inc., where we practiced agile and lean development internally while delivering custom work for a wide array of businesses.

Since thirstily reading all the XP materials I could find in 2000 I was smitten with this idea that as people, we could find better ways of writing the software that we all use. I built Mojility on agile values and built an apprenticeship program to help with staffing requirements.

This year I've taken a leap, as my coaching practice grows and I travel more for client engagements, I've moved to rural Ontario - just south of Algonquin Park. I literally live in a log home in the middle of 25 acres of hardwood forest. It has become my place of quiet contemplation for the fast-paced life I tend to lead during work engagements.

I am currently involved in a number of projects remotely now, an intern in Oshawa, business partners in and around Ontario, and struggle daily with finding effective ways to protect agile values, communicate well, and run development operations remotely for these ventures.

I'm looking forward to collaborating with some smart like-minded people on Shape My Work, hoping that if I can address my selfish needs maybe these ideas can help others.

Headshot picture of Stacey