Bob Allen

my face My path to agile began twice: once with the realization just how well Scrumban worked as an alternative process to the squeakly-wheel-school-of-clients-yelling-at-devs, and then again when Elisabeth Hendrickson gave me ATDD and TDD religion; OMG what a game changer. I'd been doing it wrong for soooo log. Many sins to atone for.

Have been doing my best ever since to make other's lives a little bit saner, more sustainable, and occasionally getting "let go" for saying "this ain't right" and being happy anyway.

I have the extreme privilege of knowing a few (many actually) really fantastic coaches and try to keep my ears open most of the time. If I post/say anything that offends, just isn't right, or even for which there's another viewpoint that I'm obviously oblivious to, please tell me so.