Differences in wanting to versus having to work remotely

Currently many of us are asked to work remote even if this is not their choice of work setup.

Which aspects of remote work does this affect ?

people in spaces


Each team member can decide whether to join remotely or join the team cave on-site


If all team members have to work remotely, There is no group of people together in the same real space see making space

When do I choose to work remotely


Each team member can align on-site and remote working days to her personal (and her team's) schedule


Every day is a remote working day

Taking care of your Self

Succeeding in remote work requires your very own Self to be up to the task.

Two aspects of your own Self are self-esteem and resilience.


Many or all areas people typically draw self-esteem from might vanish due to a (personal) crisis.

How can one build up self-esteem from other sources?

Perhaps the following recommended reading might help in finding out:

[["six pillars of self esteem" by nathaniel branden|https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/79352.Six_Pillars_of_Self_Esteem ]]


The ability to cope with crisis' and use it for jump-starting the next level

recommended reading:

"Never too late to have a happy childhood: Turning your past traumas to resources for your future" by ben furman