You're invited to shape, a wiki about remote agile. Have you read our Code of Welcoming Conduct? Cool. Here's how to get in.

If you hate web browsers and love Git, you needn't bother with the "Web access" steps; if you hate Git and love web-editing, you needn't bother with "Git access".

If you like having both ways, having both is cool. schmonz likes both.

Web access

  1. Try to edit a page.
  2. Click "Register" and follow the prompts.
  3. Click "Login", edit the page, and save.
  4. You have full web access!

Git access

  1. By some means of conveyance, send schmonz your public SSH key.
  2. When you get word, git clone
  3. cd shapemywork
  4. Edit, commit, and push.
  5. You have full git access!

Your first edits

But first, you're gonna want to make a page about yourself. It may help to have schmonz around while you try the following things:

  1. (If web) Create a page under users for your wiki username, so that your web edits in RecentChanges link to some info about you.
  2. (If Git) Create a page under users for the username portion of the email address on your Git commits (unless it happens to be the same as your web username), so that RecentChanges links those to you too. If this is your second users page, make this one meta redirect to the existing one.