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Hi! I'm one of the two creators of this site. I like writing, podcasting, coaching, and ikiwiki. :-)

I'm interested in remote Agile because, so far, I've only seen it work with people who already get local Agile. I hope there are other ways it can work and I want to learn about (and contribute to) them.

I'm interested in Extreme Programming because, so far, it's the only way I've felt Agile really working.

Reminder to self: these are some topics to write about

  • ssh + tmux
  • Morning standup
  • "physical" card wall
  • backup internet from a cellular provider
  • working from a home office, a coworking space, or anywhere at all
  • new team (designing itself for distributed) vs existing team (changing to distributed)
  • one or two remote people vs. everyone's remote (there's no one place it would even make sense to go to)
  • forced vs opt-in, as applied to people being far away from each other