It's Extreme Programming, fam!

"XP changed my professional career forever. The happiest and most productive I've ever been was working on an XP team. I want to share that."
--Anthony Sciamanna

"Anyplace people choose XP and are willing to say so has my attention, and is almost always a place I'd be happy to be."
--schmonz on Twitter


Got firsthand experience of what it's like at an employer? Great! A friend reported their experience to you? Also pretty good! Please share below.

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Teams Often Choose XP

Organization Date Degrees of Separation Attestor
Pillar Technology March 2017 0 schmonz
Unruly Nov 2017 1 schmonz saw this post

Teams Can't Really Not Choose XP

Value judgment: schmonz would be wary of anything forced on a team, even if what's being forced are his otherwise favorite practices.

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Can't Work Here Anymore But It Used To Be Great

Organization Date Degrees of Separation Attestor
Algorithmics January 2013 0 asciamanna